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Lake Victoria Free Trade Zone Authority (LVFTZ) in partnership with China and the Uganda Government is a company behind the initiation of building a free trade zone in Uganda which will be referred to as the "SSEESAMIREMBE Eco-city" this city is located in Rakai district south western Uganda, bordering with the northern Tanzanian district of bukoba in Africa. It covers up a total planning area of 200sq miles of multi-use land, green belts and ecological reserves.
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Airport City

The planned “SSEESAMIREMBE AIRPORT CITY” here-in after called “SAC” is located in south-western Uganda, 5km from the Uganda-Tanzania border and about 35 km from the western lake shores of Lake Victoria. SAC is located within the 200- square mile planning area for a new (“Greenfield”) Special Economic Zone Municipality called “SSEESAMIREMBE ECO-CITY”. Planned as East-Central Africa’s premier “Airport City”, SAC.

Lakeport City

Sseesamirembe will be strategically located at the hub of an extraordinary network and will be the key operation center that connects Kisumu of Kenya, Mwanza of Tanzania, Rwanda, Tanzania and gateway to inner part of DR-Congo.

Import, export and domestic cargo transfer to barge, light rail and truck will expected to be daily activities at Sseesamirembe LPC. Projected area requirement is at 250 hectares.

Medical Center

SICAM is planned to be an International Center of Complimentary and Alternative Health (CAM) Excellence. Proven Ancient health practices and modalities shall be offered as stand-alone therapies (Alternative Medicine) and in combination with Allopathic Treatments (Complimentary Medicine).

African, Asian, Middle-Eastern and Western Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Industrial Center

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International Schools

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Global Cultural Village

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DELEGATIONS from the Chinese embassy in Kampala and investors from China have started inspecting the proposed free-trade area in Rakai as they prepare to invest billions of dollars in the project. On Saturday, Zhang Aiming, a consular in the economic and commercial department at the Chinese Embassy, led a team of three officials ...
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